Thursday, December 15, 2005


Heroes of Liberty

"It’s Electric," declares W. Thomas Smith at National Review Online.

I finally see some value in Pajamas Media, running real-time updates and reporting from polling centers in Iraq, check out their Top Stories for today.

As always, the best summary of Iraq and other War on Terror news from people who are the “boots on the ground,” and have more than just an “interest” in Iraq, but the investment of their lives and personal safety, over at Mudville.

As significant as was the election in January 2005, when Iraqis got to vote on an Interim Government, this election today will be remembered for many years to come.

Iraq will never be able to return to the days of Saddam, the Iraqi people will never allow it.

They are the Heroes and Heroines of Liberty today. Kurds, Shia, and Sunni. Even holdouts, even Jihadis who chose to vote today, and may well decide to lay down guns and IEDs tomorrow.

May God Bless the long oppressed and greatly stressed people of Iraq. May they find in their newfound freedoms, the freedom to turn to one another, without rancor or fear or remorse, and say, “Join with me, Brother.” Or “Come along with me, Sister.”

“Come let us create the new Iraq, the newest Democracy in the World.”

UPDATE: Smash declares Victory!

I do like Smash’s headline better than any on those in his survey of the Western press. And he's right, of course. Now that the Sunnis have thrown their political fates in with a Demcratic Iraqi Government, it will be extremely difficult for them to reverse course. Likewise, Al Qaeda now faces a complete repudiation from the people groups of Iraq. Even former sympatheizers, supporters, and brothers-in-arms will now be their avowed enemies.

Al Qaeda is finished in Iraq. Whither next?

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