Wednesday, January 04, 2006


That Sounds Familiar

Glenn's piece today on Teresa Nielsen Hayden really struck a chord, and I echo the sentiments of commenter Kevin Menard, equating what Teresa describes with my experiences with Vioxx and Bextra.

I am a Milblogger just back from Iraq, who had to go without Vioxx that I had been prescribed for polyarthritus for the year of my deployment. I next moved to Bextra, likewise taken off the market.

I first wrote my frustrations in a post from August.

I would love to see a lawyer with some juice frame the proper case for a class action style counter-suit against those who sue Pharmaceutical Companies (particularly class action law firms) for exorbitant damages from unproven correlations to "harmful side effects."

It stirkes me that I am deprived of a drug my Rheumatologist and I know to be effective for my condition, directly due to their greed and the unrelenting drive towards eliminating perceived risks, whoever remote, unproven or relatively inconsequential in comparison to benefit.

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