Friday, February 03, 2006


Flight 93

Scott Johnson, writing at Powerline, offers a brief update on A&E’s film, Flight 93:

Last night John wrote about the A&E film "Flight 93." The AP article on the film's success in attracting the largest audience A&E has ever attracted also notes that the film will repeat at noon EST on Saturday and Sunday and at 3 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Feb. 8. Reader Nathan Clark alerts us to the release of a commercial film also titled "Flight 93" in April. The film's site has a preview and other information about the film.

My wife and I were deeply upset from watching the film from 10- midnight on the night we watched it. We cried, we turned away only to turn back again. We struggled with the sense that “There but by the grace of God, go we.” But we both felt we needed to watch it, and were glad we did.

I did note that the film contained fleeting images of the planes hitting the World Trade towers, and their later collapse. Which was surprising, in a way, as it brought to mind the almost universal self-imposed media blackout of 9/11 visual images. I guess seeing the footage for a few seconds in movies is the only way we’ll ever see them.

John Hinderaker wrote the previous day's piece, which included some powerful reminders

The networks have boycotted footage of the September 11 attacks, because they fear--correctly, I think--that reminders of the destruction wrought by the terrorists' attacks will engender support for the Bush administration. But the public's enthusiastic reception of Flight 93 suggests that people are ready and, perhaps, eager to know more about that fateful day.

John goes on to respond to critics who suggest he’s paranoid. I think he’s exactly right. God forbid we do anything to remind Americans that we’re at war. That might help the eeevul Bush.

Thank God for market forces. Eventually, the success of projects such as Flight 93 will no doubt cause those who want top make money to provide us more such inspirational stories from 9/11.

How about a film about Rick Rescorla?

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