Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Cap Weinberger, RIP

Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette notes the passing of former Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger. In noting Weinberger’s legacy, Greyhawk recalls:

I'm one of the people that joined in those days, and the folks that had been around a few years longer would tell you in no uncertain terms the day and night difference between that time and just a few years prior. The post-Vietnam military shook the post-traumatic stress disorder that had virtually crippled it for almost decade.

But more importantly there was another change wrought in those days. It was under his leadership that a corner was turned in what until then had been a very negative slide in public opinion/perception of the institution. Those who lived through the times know what I mean. Truth, there were successes and failures, victories and defeats in those years, and controversy to spare. And with all eyes on the Evil Empire another threat was developing rapidly - that very threat that confronts us today. But regardless of your opinions on the man, his boss, or the times, it was an undeniable turning point in history, in my mind a turn for the better.

Greyhawk is absolutely right.

I first joined in 1983, sat three years in Germany during Reagan's many toes-to-toes with the Soviets about missiles, star wars, etc. I was no fan of the US Military or DoD when I joined, but my eyes were sure opened as an Intel Analyst looking over the border into Eastern Europe. Weinberger and Reagan were the right men for the challenges they faced (much like their beleaguered counterparts today).

He was a big part of the revival of the US Military. It was a night and day improvement, as Greyhawk says, and many of us were pleasantly surprised enough to stick around for the ride.

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