Thursday, March 30, 2006


Really Real Security

Oh my, it’s worse than you think. Or better, depending on how calculating you want to be.

Dafydd at Big Lizards launches a two-part take-down of the Democrat’s just-released Real Security Plan.

Hey, I want to go on record that this plan is greatly superior to that last stellar achievement of Democratic Party deep-thinking, the John Kerry “Fix Everything Wrong with Iraq” Plan. This time the plan’s in writing, and has specific verbiage to document its existence. This is a plan you can grab with your hands and wave in the air for dramatic effect! Pity we couldn’t use those office automated franking (letter-to-constituents) programs to add about 200 more pages.

Then, we could also toss it on to the floor or chamber desks to make a loud “thud” sound, highlighting how substantial is The Plan. Real Security. For the Real World Generation. Then again, the target audience doesn’t read more than 5 pages of current events, history, political mumbo-jumbo anyway, so 5 pages in English and 5 more in Spanish is probably good. (The cheesy stars are a nice “so there!” to all those hyper-patriot Republican goons.)

More later, I’m laughing too hard.

(Via the folks at Powerline)

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