Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Thanks to Charles Krauthammer

I was just finishing a post that included a reference to a Time Magazine piece by Charles Krauthammer, and I saw the link at Instapundit to his Tuesday take down of Francis Fukuyama.

That prompted me to send him a personal note of encouragement, which got me all inspired, which I thought others might appreciate. So here’s what I sent along to Mr. Krauthammer.


Mr. Krauthammer,

I wanted to congratulate you on your fine work and offer you some encouragement.

The moment – your reaction to Fukuyama’s distortion of both your speech and your views – precipitated my sending you a note, but the fact is I have admired your work for quite some time.

I appreciate your seriousness, your attention to fact and detail, and as well (what I consider) your complete unwillingness to stoop to insults or empty demagoguery to press your arguments.

I am a military web logger (MILBLOGGER), active for more than a year and recently returned from a 10 month tour in Iraq with the NY Army National Guard. Sure, I’m a partisan, but only because opposition parties and figures are completely unserious and offer no real policy alternatives to the grave threats we face. It has been of enormous value to me personally to be so encouraged by writers and thinkers such as you.

Some might dismiss your willingness to have the US military take such an active part in confronting terrorism, and point to your inability to serve. I would strongly refute that as outrageous and disrespectful, and more the result of finding rationales for excluding reason from discourse, altogether.

I need you to know, that your words, your passion, your commitment to the causes of both little d democracy and the American ideal, are like a Battalion of refreshed soldiers in the field. You are part of a tremendous support system that has not yet given up on those of us who have been on the front lines of this critical struggle. We are proud to serve, and honored to serve among such valiant men as you.

You inspire and encourage. You offer hope, not passive criticism. You are as much “in the arena” of this war as any who take up arms.

If we succeed in this effort, you will be a part of that victory, and we applaud your efforts on all of our behalves.

With appreciation,


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