Saturday, April 08, 2006


Iraqi Liberation Day

I received this email from Progress for America, and it seemed best to just send it out the way I received it. You can judge for yourselves, but at the least, let's honor and remember the 3rd Anniversary of Iraqi Liberation Day, April 9th.


Dear PFA Supporter,

You would not know it from the news media, but we are winning the War on Terror in Iraq!

I know it. I was there. I saw it with my own two eyes.

That is why I started Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission.

The American people deserve to hear more than the steady drumbeat of pessimism.
With Iraqi Liberation Day around the corner on April 9th, the media has another opportunity to tell the American people about our troops' accomplishments.

If you are like most Americans, you can probably remember where you were when you saw the inspiring footage of American troops liberating Baghdad and toppling the statute of the dictator Saddam Hussein.

Unfortunately, the media will probably ignore this important milestone.

That is why I hope you will forward this email to your friends and encourage them to go to and sign our letter to the worst media offenders demanding that they highlight this historic day. Our troops need to know that we support them and their mission.


Chuck Larson, Founder
Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission

PS. - Learn more about Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission at

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