Saturday, April 22, 2006


What a Blast!

I just finished up the MILBLOG Conference and headed back to the Hotel (not a Hilton) with Mrs. Dadmanly and Little Manly. I had a wonderful time with some great Americans.

I want to quickly take note of The War Tapes, to premier at the Tribeca International Film Festival in NYC on April 29th, a limited distribution (I think) starts June 2nd. It got rave reviews and big talk at the Conference. I had a chance to speak to Deborah, the director, and as a fellow director I need to confess my admiration for what she did, along with her soldier friends. She asked to virtually embed, and have soldiers film their deployment with her help. The War Tapes are the result. A Must See I must say. Z at The War Tapes also did some great play by play of Panel Three, although she admits we talked too fast to really keep up.

COL Hunt was a tough and pugnatious interrogator (I guess I mean moderator), but I think it helped us get riled up. Overall, some great conversdations about very serious implications of MILBLOGGING.

It was great to meet in person Buzz Patterson -- thanks for the very gracious and totally gratuitous plug, Buzz. Also Matt of Blackfive, of course, and Smash, the Grand-Daddies of Blogging. CJ asked if that meant we could hit them up for College Money... Austin Bay made some references to The Army of Davids and otherwise gave a rousing opening and closing.

Mrs. Dadmanly wants to pass along her thanks for letting her and Little Manly be a part of this great event (they joined for lunch and then strolled over (okay, limped in heels she admits) for Panel Three.

Andi, you did a great job. Thanks for inviting me, I was honored to be in such awesome company.

Greyhawk and Mrs. G of Mudville Gazette did an awesome job moderating the online portion of the conference. Mrs. Dadmanly tells me they both said a lot of nice things while I was "on air." I am sorry I couldn't meet them in person, but I was honored to be a part of the effort with the Greyhawks.

Mudville Gazette is VERY big reason this conference was even possible.

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