Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Al Qaeda Says They’re Losing

Captain Ed links to a full translation of a recently captured Al Qaeda in Iraq document, released by CENTCOM. This CENTCOM report describes the document and the circumstances of its capture.

The AP has a (surprisingly) straight-up report on the document, and notes the conspicuous absence of vitriol routinely part of Al Qaeda’s “public” communications:

Notably absent from the documents were the usual derogatory references to Shiites as heretics, and the Americans as either "crusaders" or "occupation forces" — language common to most militant postings that appear on the Internet.

Reading the text of the document confirms that this is a far more sober and negative assessment of their failed efforts than what Al Qaeda regularly feeds western media. Note too the coincidence of how this report also contrasts with how western media characterizes the situation in Iraq. You have to wonder if journalists need to apply the same level of skepticism towards Al Qaeda press releases as they apply towards the daily reporting from CENTCOM.

Just a thought.

(Via Instapundit)

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