Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Thoughts on Blogging

Donald Sensing, presumably posting for the last time at One Hand Clapping, indicates he’s hanging up the solo blog, and henceforth posting as part of the terrific blogoperation at Winds of Change. (As an example of how stellar that organization is, check out the ongoing debates sparked by this thread.)

This is the comment I posted to the good Reverend, who adds fine credentials of his own to the already impressive stature of the WoC crew.


Rev. Sensing,

Thanks for your honest post, and the many fine posts of your’s I've been blessed to read. God bless your son as he serves his country, as well.

Your post was well timed. I am back from OIF III now 6 months, and dismayed that I cannot find the time I once had, separated from family, friends and civilian employment while in Iraq.

I know God gave me this time to write, to practice, to blog, to connect with like minded writers online, and to build confidence and be part of something bigger than just me. But now, it seems that I keep coming up against the "I have something better for you" kind of awareness.

I read a posting that said something along the lines of "when I started blogging, it was to get myself writing. Now, I realize blogging KEEPS me from writing."

Now I read your very astute observation that group blogs will likely dominate. (And Winds of Change is SO exceptionally good, I'm jealous.)

I must say your post has been part of what I think I am supposed to hear at this time. I think I will miss this great passion, and I was thrilled to be a part of it all at this time, but "there is a season" as the writer of Ecclesiastes says...

One post-script, since you mentioned the MILBLOGGER Conference. It struck me, that aside from 2 or 3 close companions in my OIF unit, in the years ahead I will feel closest comraderie with other MILBLOGGERs than the members of my Guard unit. That's where my passion was, that's where my heart was, that's the thing I thought of as my greatest contribution to our fight against terrorism.

Sigh. “This too shall pass” applies as well to times of accomplishment and purpose, as to times of grief and mourning.

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