Friday, May 12, 2006


Truth over Moonbats

Did anyone else see this bit of foolishness at Memeorandum?

Rob Kall (who, no doubt, considers himself Brilliant at Breakfast and everywhere else) breathlessly reports on a demographically skewed poll engineered by Zogby International. Here’s his lead:

As we head into the midterm elections, more people than ever before in the reality-based community (i.e. those who don't get their news from the Delusionists at Fox News) believe that George W. Bush stole the 2004 election:

Ever useful to partisan Democrats, Zogby set up a polling methodology certain to achieve the results they desired:

Zogby International conducted interviews of 707 likely voters online. Panelists who have agreed to participate in Zogby polls online were invited to participate in the survey.

I know it’s a futile waste of time, but I couldn’t resist making the following comments.

Just asking: aside from polling data, does it matter whether there is any EVIDENCE for such a belief?

I'll admit I'm partisan, but I saw very minor and sporadic irregularities, partisan attempts on both sides to discredit, make claims, etc. BUT, nothing that indicated even in the slightest a pattern of fraud, tampering, etc.

No proof. Not even much by way of clues that such had happened.

If people like yourselves are so fond of saying that the majority of Americans "mistakenly" believe that Saddam Hussein had any role in Al Qaeda or Islamic terrorism generally, or 9/11 specifically, obviously you would agree that the majority of Americans can often believe in things that are not true.

Doesn't that count for something?

I myself want people who care about important things to care about what's actually true, regardless of what most (uninformed) people think. That is even more imperative for our nation's leaders. Truth over opinion or speculation. What's right over what's popular.

One last point. If we can agree that most Republicans heavily favor Fox News (you might say, because they're biased, I might say they're balanced, the truth perhaps in the middle), over other major news outlets (you might say, because they're balanced, I might say they're biased, the truth perhaps in the middle), then there's an obvious partisan bias.

My guy lost -- the election was stolen. My guy won -- the election was fair.

How meaningful is any of this?

And presuming you want your guys to WIN next time(s), if you grasp onto the notion that "we really won but it was stolen," you don't learn what you need to learn to win.

Me? I don't really want you to learn that. But you? You should want to.

Postscript. For tinfoil hat, this guy’s prepared to go one step better. Our brilliant friend speculates further:

Now I'd like to see a poll about what percentage of Americans believe that the Bush Administration allowed the 9/11 attacks to play out so they could have their war in Iraq.

I wonder if Rob’s been talking things over with the President of Iran.

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