Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The War Tapes Opening

Deborah Scranton, the Director of the Tribeca Film Festival winning The War Tapes, sends notice of the film’s opening in a limited release. So limited, in fact, that I think I’d have to hit NYC to catch the opening.

She sends a War Tapes outtake, featuring Zack Bazzi, with the following description:

Recorded during an interview done while he was at Fort Dix waiting to deploy to Iraq, Zack discusses the little things he missed while he was previously deployed to Kosovo and Bosnia with the 101st Airborne. He also ponders whether he thinks he will change during this deployment to Iraq. We call it 'Scent of a Woman'.

I haven’t been able to preview the clip, blocked by Websense as “violence related,” as is the War Tapes site itself. Go figure.

Here’s Deborah’s info on the NYC opening:

Also, if you are in or near New York City - the movie opens on June 2nd in New York City at the Sunshine Theatre (143 East Houston Street, (212) 330-8182). If you can at all make it, please consider coming to one of the screenings on the opening weekend: movie theatres across the nation will look to the movie's opening weekend tickets sales to determine whether or not to screen the movie. We really hope to be packed every showing. If you believe, as we do, that this is something that the American public has to see, than please send and forward this to anyone you know in the NYC area. And ask them to do the same to their friends and contacts. If any of you have other ideas for how to get the word out let us know.
Come see the first movie filmed by soldiers themselves on the front lines, and the first film directed over e-mail and IM. Stephen Holden from the New York Times called it "Riveting! Compelling!...Gives a stronger taste of the Iraq war experience than any film I can remember". John Burns, the New York Times' Baghdad Bureau Chief and two-time Pulitzer Prize winning foreign correspondent added "the single best document (book, film or article) you could see" on the war in Iraq. Another Tribeca review by Karina Longworth of Cinematical said "The driving concept behind The War Tapes is so simple, it's amazing no one's tried it up to this point: attack the media problem head-on by giving soldiers small, consumer quality camcorders and, communicating with them nightly from the US via the internet, allow them to tell their own stories from the center of the conflict." Mark Bowden author of BLACK HAWK DOWN said "Remarkable. Very moving. Very real."

The War Tapes has a screenings page for openings and screening updates.
For those like me who reside too deeply within Blueville, The War Tapes has set up a frappr map, where those interested in getting a screening near you can add location information:

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