Tuesday, June 27, 2006


A Fallen Hero

Gaius Arbo of Blue Crab Boulevard passed along a link to his moving tribute to a fallen hero (and, indirectly, the proud Nation he served).

Here’s how he Gaius starts his tribute:

The first thing that hits you are the flags.

SPC Benjamin James Slaven died serving his country. His mother tells us:

He was very proud to serve his Country, and so dedicated. I am very proud to be his mother, and proud of his service to our Country.

One Gold Star Mother who knows at her core what it means to be a part of that vibrant fabric that is America. Her son was a thread, she is a thread, her family and friends are threads, all woven together in love of country. How vibrant and strong the fabric, in places such as the Midwestern home of SPC Slaven.

His family honors his memory. His town honors his sacrifice. Gaius honors the Nation and community that produce such heroes.

Gaius reports that his piece will be published in the American Legion Magazine, with an honorarium donated to a Ben Slaven Memorial Fund.

Linked at Mudville Gazette, Basil's Blog

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