Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Suffer Democracy

I’m with NRO’s Stephen Spruiell on this one.

He links to a political piece by Slate’s John Dickerson, in which Dickerson not only indulges a left wing myth, he promotes it: that the media, if anything, tilts right. Conservative want to eliminate the press. Liberals don’t want it gone, just balanced (leftward, away from it’s “rightward tilt.”) Read it yourself if you want, but that’s what it says. No nuance, pretty straight out.

Spruiell is rightly incredulous that Dickerson can make that claim:

Different conservatives advance different goals when they criticize the press. Some would like the major news organizations that dominate the media landscape to reflect their values, or at least to refrain from treating them with contempt. Others stick to the objectivity argument — they just want the media to treat all sides fairly, and they don't think conservative arguments are given equal time. Still others argue that journalists should just disclose their biases and write with a point of view, instead of presenting one version of a story — usually the liberal version — and calling it "objective."

No reasonable conservative wishes the press didn't exist. Like our liberal counterparts, we want the press to "get it right," so that people are well-informed and democracy prospers. The accusation that all conservatives who criticize the media actually want to eliminate the free press in this country is not just offensive, it is preposterous — the territory of the loony left. Does Dickerson really wish to inhabit such terrain?

Make that, no widely recognized, published, or employed in media on even a part-time basis wishes the press didn’t exist. They just want a chance to have their voices heard with something close to equal time, without that overwhelming bias squashing out any possible objectivity.

Waah, waah, waah. Our ideas don’t win people over from their stupid prejudices that don’t allow them to see what geniuses we all are, how good everything would be if we were in charge and could tell everybody how to think and what to do.

Dickerson makes this entirely truthful claim, “When the press gets it wrong, left-wing bloggers believe, the people are ill-informed and democracy suffers.”

That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout. Conservative bloggers and Milbloggers  think the same thing, and Democracy has suffered, immensely.

Too bad Dickerson doesn’t know who the rest of us are, you know, the bloggers who actually are conservative, rather than left wing and Democrat.

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