Friday, August 25, 2006


Ideological Illogic

Pamela Bone, writing an Op Ed in The Australian, bewails the silence of feminists in the face of Muslim oppression of women, and warns:

Hate Bush if you want, but please understand that your enemy's enemies are not necessarily your friends. 

This echoes my reflections on Elia Kazan yesterday, how left oriented ideologues, then and now, blind themselves to the true nature of those with whom they align, ideologically and illogically.

Bone sounds an alarm for feminists in the West:

It seems inconceivable that we could lose this war against terrorism. But if we do, the consequences will be awful. And they will be worse for women, for the women in the generations that will follow us. We have to fight not against Muslims but against Islamic extremism. Don't expect left-wing men to help. They're full of "I'm not scared" bravado. Don't expect all Muslim women to want to be in the fight. There have always been women who oppose rights for women. (Remember the petition, from women, against Australian women getting the vote?) But the least we can do is let the brave Muslim women who are pushing for reforms know they have our support when they want it.

Most of us 1970s feminists are grandmothers now. Lifelong socialist and humanist that I am, if fighting to prevent the possibility that my granddaughters - our granddaughters - will one day be forced to wear a burka makes me right-wing, then right-wing is the label I'll have to wear.

Call her right wing if you wish, but I call her an ally, someone who clearly “gets it.”

(Via Instapundit)

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