Friday, August 25, 2006


The Secret Mechanism

So THAT’S how they do it.

The Secret Mechanism.

You know, the bourgeoisie mechanism whereby the rich are able to divert all the financial benefits 6 years of economic growth. Without involving spending any of that money, thereby benefiting the middle or lower classes.

Not involving illegal immigration, and the all-to-visible pressure to keep salaries for low or no skilled jobs at a minimum.

Bearing no relationship to any discernable economic activity, transaction, or even human behavior. So secret, in fact, that even socialists who believe in the mechanism have absolutely no idea how it works.

I remain bewildered how those who hold such extreme views, so fervently, about economics and the worlds of trade, commerce, industry in wealth, can be in such absolute ignorance of the basic facts of how such things really operate. You know, in the real economic world.

Income inequality. It’s bad, it’s the fault of the rich, “through mechanisms we're not entirely sure of.”

Have a nice Proletarian Day.

(Via Iain Murray at The Corner)

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