Friday, August 11, 2006


Time to Fight

Michael Ledeen, posting at The Corner, provide an extensive link to a piece by Robert Tracinski, editor of The Intellectual Activist, in which he argues that it’s Time to Fight the Real War.

Ledeen excerpts from another piece by Tracinski in TIA Daily, Five Minutes to Midnight.

Tracinski’s primary thesis is that the left id desperate to retain faith in diplomatic solutions in the face of naked aggression, because to surrender it means the collapse of their entire world view:

The left senses that a regional war is coming, that Iran is hell-bent on starting it, and that there is no way to avoid it. But all of this runs directly counter to their whole world-view. Rather than questioning that world view, they simply assert that this can't be happening. They have to believe that something, anything—no matter how implausible—will stop it from happening. If we just get everyone together and talk, and we keep tinkering with diplomatic solutions until we find something that works, surely we can find a way to avoid a regional war in the Middle East. Can't we? Please?

Tracinski notes Richard Holbrooke’s recent peon to Diplomacy, to which I greatly objected, and remarks:

Note that the idea that we can settle all of this just by sitting down and talking with Iran and Syria—with no reference to the ideas, statements, goals, and actions of the Iranian regime—give the left's pronouncements on the coming war an air of unreality.

Thus all the analogies on the right to the 1930’s, and the stark failure of negotiation and appeasement with Hitler and his fascist ideology and ambitions for conquest.

Read the whole of Ledeen’s excerpt.

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