Thursday, September 14, 2006


Dishonor and Afghanistan

NATO fails to meet their commitments in Afghanistan, and Senator John F. Kerry says it’s the fault of the US.

We need to send 5,000 more troops immediately, according to Sen. Kerry:

We must not allow that disastrous policy [in Iraq] to be the excuse for allowing Afghanistan to descend into chaos.

And of course, that stellar Military Mind Sen. JFK throws in a few references to show off that “he’s the real deal,” calling for:

more elite Special Forces troops; more civil affairs forces; and more experienced intelligence units

Because you know, there aren’t enough of those troops in Afghanistan, due, no doubt, to that dangerously incompetent Secretary Rumsfeld. Let’s see, Special Forces that John Kerry wants to do, what exactly? Covert ops? Somehow I don’t think so. More Civil Affairs? Right, the hearts and mind thing, Vietnam redux, sure John. More experienced intelligence units? I guess we’ve been sending over the green B squad, straight from Intel school. Just a guess, John, most of the troops there have been on more than one deployment already.

Why do I grow increasingly certain that all John Kerry knows about the Military he learned from Apocalypse Now and shooting the sh** with his Winter Soldier buddies?

It’s bad enough the Democrats and other sufferers of Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) want to blame the Bush Administration any evil in the world today they can remotely tie to US policy.

Can we agree that, in the face of Europe running away from a righteous fight, defaulting on their promises, and leaving their allies hanging out to dry, can we agree that finding a way to blame the US for their cowardice and dishonor is well, stupid?

(H/T Stanley Kurtz at The Corner)

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