Thursday, September 21, 2006


SpouseBUZZ News!

Andi, posting over at the new SpouseBUZZ, today announces SpouseBUZZ Live. Here’s her press release: is sponsoring SpouseBUZZ LIVE, an expo which will take place on Saturday, October 28 from 11:00 - 4:00 at The Plaza Hotel in Killeen, Texas. This expo will focus on topics and issues which are important to military spouses. Below, you'll find a list of panels/panelists.

Panel #1: THE MILSPOUSE EXPERIENCE: A warm-up discussion about the joys and challenges facing milspouses. This panel will feature a diverse group of spouses including active-duty, National Guard and a male spouse.

Moderated by Ward Carroll

Panelists: AWTM, Guard Wife, Sarah and Mike

Panel #2: WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING....A DEPLOYMENT: Deployment A-Z. A "potluck" discussion on a wide range of issues surrounding deployment.

Moderated by Tara Crooks

Panelists: RedLegMeg, Airforcewife, Molly Pitcher, Nancy Nuding (wife of Dadmanly)

Panel #3: WHEN THINGS GO WRONG: This panel will focus on worst-case scenarios. How do you deal with the often-difficult reintegration period? What about PTSD? What happens if your spouse is wounded?

Moderated by Andi Hurley

Panelists: Joan D'Arc, Love My Tanker, GBear, Ft. Hood representative

I can’t wait, what a great idea. And yes, I’m very proud of Mrs. Manly, she’s impassioned, articulate, and she’ll make an excellent panelist. You should have seen her stand up to COL Hunt!

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