Sunday, October 22, 2006


Censorship Concerns

Jules Crittenden picks up on the story of potential MILBLOG censorship in today’s Boston Herald.

It’s hard for anyone with any time in service to argue with his introduction:
When something good is happening in the military, you can rely on someone high up and behind the lines to try to kill it. Slowly. Bureaucratically. Bleed the life out of it.

That is what is happening to milblogging, the Internet phenomenon that lets soldiers in Iraq tell us what they see, do and think.
Crittenden uses as example a 2005 post from Michael of, which conveys the kind of immediacy captured by many of today’s MILBLOGGERS. Crittenden also mentions The Blog of War as Matthew Currier Burden’s (Blackfive) to capture those battlefield accounts.

Crittenden’s piece pretty much passes on the warnings that have been floating among MILBLOGGERS, without much additional information. He shares our concerns, but also notes hopefully:
There is still a wealth of information on the Web, where information is like water, and we can only hope it will find a way.
I think we can do more than hope. Many of us can act.

Readers can do their part, as Crittenden suggests:
Go to sites such as and, and discover the world of milblogging, while it still exists.
I would only add, visit also all the great folks at MILBLOGS, Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette. And of course, Dadmanly, but you already knew that.
(H/T Instapundit)

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