Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Dems Anti-Gay Initiative

David Corn has a list in his hand. He’s waving it about, trying to score yet more points against Republicans. But like the Bogeyman from yesteryear he emulates, he’s not sharing the names on The List.

But he’ll tell you what kind of individual the List identifies:

It's a roster of top-level Republican congressional aides who are gay.

He’ll even tell you who they work for:

These include Representative Katherine Harris and Henry Hyde and Senators Bill Frist, George Allen, Mitch McConnell and Rick Santorum.

Now, the not-so-veiled threat:

Let's be clear about one thing: the Mark Foley scandal is not about homosexuality. Some family value conservatives are suggesting it is. But anytime a gay Republican is outed by events, a dicey issue is raised: what about those GOPers who are gay and who serve a party that is anti-gay? Are they hypocrites, opportunists, or just confused individuals? Is it possible to support a party because you adhere to most of its tenets--even if that party refuses to recognize you as a full citizen? The men on The List might want to think hard about these questions--as they probably already have--for if I have a copy of The List, there's a good chance it will be appearing soon on a website near everyone.

Okay, David, in fairness, how about asking yourself one other question.

If the Democrats know that 95% of the negative reaction that this scandal evokes in the electorate is homophobic -- it's that he's gay, not that the targets of his advances were 16 (yet consenting adults in DC) -- and they gain at the expense of homophobic and anti-gay sentiment, is that morally defensible?

I mean, more so than the "hypocrisy" you suggest about scoial conservatives having gays on the payroll? It is the law to not discriminate, isn't it? It would somehow be more moral to break the law and discriminate?

And what about your morals? If Republican Gays don’t share your Political Agenda, it’s A OK with you to out them, you applaud it. Serves them right. You don’t share that view when someone agrees with you, though do you?

Or would it be equally acceptable if a GOP operative does the same thing for closeted Gays who serve Democrats, right?

Just asking.

David Corn, in my mind, confirms that the Foley Follies are part of a concentrated Democratic initiative. Withheld information. Open Secrets. Foley. Setup of Republican Leadership. Then The List. Ring the GOP is Gay Friendly Bell. Wait for Social Conservatives to peel, stay home, or turn away.

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