Tuesday, October 24, 2006



Just one quick comment on the mid-term elections, upcoming in two weeks, and a little thought experiment.

Option 1. Imagine that the Democrats take both houses of Congress. What will the spontaneous and immediate reaction of Jihadists, Al Qaeda, mullahs in Tehran, Palestinians, Assad in Syria, Taliban, and other radical Jihadis?

Option 2. Now imagine that Republicans, contrary to all the political, media, and cultural forces aligned against them, retain both house of Congress. What’s the reaction of our enemies then?

Option 3. If it’s a split decision, houses split, Democrat and Republican, look for a qualified response that awaits whether the Democrats pursue investigations and impeachment probes. Then, see reaction for option #1.

Not that we should make our decisions based on what our enemies think, but it should be a sobering exercise. If you care about our Nation, that is.

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