Sunday, October 22, 2006



I was reading a post at Defensetech, which linked back to MILBLOGS.

When I first read Greyhawk’s commentary, I hadn't noticed the mention of my (yes, tongue in cheek) desire to "spend my drills scanning MILBLOGS."

And then I thought two things.

What if MILBLOGS take on an OPSEC watch, and on our own, start looking for (or at least making note of) OPSEC violations, "over the top," or other I/O vulnerabilities.
And what if we approached DoD as a group, and offered to advise, develop guidelines, and work with those they've officially tasked to monitor BLOGS?

The hook for them, is they get to meet some of the most pro-military guys, Greyhawk and B5 and Smash, they elevate their own "get it" quotient by a factor of 10, and they provide a mechanism to coordinate offensive and defensive I/O.

We get to proactively influence DoD response to the MILBLOG challenge.

That’s an idea I think we need to discuss.


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