Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Request from Soldiers' Angels

Andi, posting at http://www.mudvillegazette.com/milblogs/2006/10/03/#006635, sends out an SOS for a very important Soldiers’ Angels effort:

We have been supporting the Evacuation hospital at Balad, Iraq for several months. Now we've made contact with the Main Hospital there. This is the largest military hospital in all of Iraq, and they need our help.

Be sure to read Balad: First Step of a long Journey Home

Here are some requests I've received just in the past week:

I work in the front line ER smack dab in the middle of the Sunni triangle and we barely have time to breathe. Not only do we take care of our fellow soldiers but we take care of anyone that comes into our ER via Blackhawk, ambulance, Humvee or being carried on the shoulder of their battle buddy. –Senior Airman Darenda S.

I work in the hospital here and see many, many Soldiers and Marines wounded. We see as many as 13 new patients a day! I want to help do some thing for them, because when they get to us, the field medics have cut their uniforms off to get to the wounds. Where I am stationed, there is little to buy at the PX for them, so maybe you could help me out.

Thank you for our support, there are a lot of people who don't agree with our mission or with this war on terror and it's so nice to receive thanks and praise for what we do. It also makes me proud to be an American and proud to be supporting this mission. –Airman First Class Naomi H.

We have a Physical Therapy clinic, Optometry, Urology here. We are the only facility in Iraq that deals with Brain and Neuro injuries. We have the best brain surgeons in the Military. – Senior Airman Shannon G.

Just standard size pillows and pillow cases are fine, color doesn't matter the troops seem to like the super hero characters...LMAO! We get them and they either leave with the troops when they are flown out or get ruined and have to be thrown in bio hazard. So we go through sheets, pillows and cases a lot. Bath Towels any colors, we use those so the soldiers can take showers here. – Senior Airman Shannon G.

Here's what they need most right now:
Bath Towels - New, any color, unwashed
Fitted and Regular Sheets – New, unwashed, twin sized, any color - (even super hero)!
Pillows – New - Standard sized with pillow cases – New, unwashed, any color

If you can help with any of these items, please PM me or email me at rogerfg22 at yahoo.com

Tactical Medical Support Director
Soldier's Angels

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