Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Slander of the Day

The New York Times sanctimoniously admonishes all Republicans today in their Editorial on Congressman Mark Foley.

Here’s their lead paragraph.

History suggests that once a political party achieves sweeping power, it will only be a matter of time before the power becomes the entire point. Policy, ideology, ethics all gradually fall away, replaced by a political machine that exists to win elections and dispense the goodies that come as a result. The only surprise in Washington now is that the Congressional Republicans managed to reach that point of decayed purpose so thoroughly, so fast.

How anyone can continue to read statements like this from the supposed leading US print daily, and renounce claims that the media is biased towards Democrats, is impossible to explain.

Republicans are damned, according to the Times, and on any given matter, sacrifice morality for political gain:

When there is a choice between the right thing to do and the easiest route to perpetuation of power, top Republicans always pick wrong.

If this were Britain, “top Republicans” could sue for slander.

Only the Editors of the NY Times can make that kind of statement about Republicans, without a trace of the irony of how well such a statement could apply to the Democrats who are against the war but always vote for it, against the “destruction of the Constitution” but keep voting for each supposed mortal blow.

Here’s another slander from the Times:

The obvious first step — notifying the bipartisan committee that oversees the page program — was never taken, presumably because that would have meant bringing a Democrat into the discussions.

Another absolutely absurd claim – that Republicans “covered up” the elsewhere described “open secret” of Congressman Foley’s predilection for young men and kept that knowledge from Democrats – can almost be assumed as false based on the way this scandal was held just long enough (at least 10 months) to then be used as an October Surprise.

Please. Many pages well knew Foley’s reputation, and kept silent. Allegations were made to leadership, but with little evidence, but no Democrats likewise elected not to pursue formal investigation, charges, or other action.

And this makes only Republicans guilty of sins of omission. Only in the moral universe of the Democrats, also inhabited by the Editors of the NY Times.

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