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Andi, the creator of Andi’s World and primary architect of SpouseBUZZ, is about to kick off the SpouseBUZZ Live! Event.

For those who haven't been following, this is a terrific venture, sponsored by the folks. Here's Andi's explanation of the event:

We've been advertising this event over at SpouseBUZZ, but I wanted to let my readers know that the SpouseBUZZ crew will be live in Killeen, Texas on October 28. is sponsoring SpouseBUZZ LIVE, a one-day expo aimed at bringing military spouses together to discuss topics unique and important to us.

It's going to be a great event and if you can make it, download your free ticket here.

Panels for SpouseBUZZ LIVE are as follows:

THE MILSPOUSE EXPERIENCE: A warm-up discussion about the joys and challenges facing milspouses. This panel will feature a diverse group of spouses including active-duty, National Guard and a male spouse.

Moderated by Ward Carroll

Panelists: AWTM, Guard Wife, Sarah and Mike

DEPLOYMENT A-Z: A "potluck" discussion on a wide range of issues surrounding deployment.

Moderated by Vince Patton

Panelists: RedLegMeg, Airforcewife, Molly Pitcher, Love My Tanker

OVERCOMING LIFE CHALLENGES: How do you deal with the often-difficult reintegration period? What about PTSD? What happens if your spouse is wounded?

Moderated by Andi Hurley

Panelists: Joan D'Arc, GBear, Ft. Hood Family Advocacy Representative

There may be live web-streaming of SpouseBUZZ LIVE. If so, I'll be sure to pass the link on and, like the MilBlog conference, you'll be able to attend in the "virtual" sense.

I'm really looking forward to getting back to Ft. Hood and bonding with 500 other military spouses.

Mrs. Manly was scheduled to participate, but a family medical emergency will keep us tied to home for a while. We hate to miss this, but know many folks and families will be blessed!

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