Friday, October 20, 2006


To Fight the Media War

Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette is all over what needs to be the number one story we bang away at, now and through the next two election seasons.

Here’s the Cliff Notes summary.

Of absolutely no surprise to any MILBLOGGER, Al Qaeda maintains a Western Media Public Relations strategy that they actively implement, monitor results, adapt, reapply, and continue to develop. Results have been surprising, and effective. A recently translated, captured AQ document describes their strategy in detail and specifically identifies actual media outlets and personalities who are to be fed propaganda to influence their reporting and public commentary.

Here’s who and what AQ wants to target for their propaganda effort:

- US discussion forums
- US chat rooms
- Well known newspapers and magazines
- American TV channels with web sites
- Famous US authors with email addresses such as Friedman, Chomsky, Fukuyama, Huntington, and others
- Famous US web sites like MEMRI, or those of the Zionist lobby (AIPAC), or research institutes like Rand

Subsequently, Tom Friedman acknowledges receiving AQ press releases, and CNN airs AQ propaganda videos, the sources for both known terrorist entities, with both Friedman and CNN knowingly aware that they have been precisely targeted as receptive and cooperative agents in the dissemination of AQ propaganda.

Here’s the conclusion GH comes to:

And here's the real connection between the two stories: both Friedman at the Times and the folks at CNN acknowledge their complete awareness that they are fully participating in an enemy propaganda ploy. Freidman says he has a copy, and the CNN video includes clips of what it implies are the original Arabic web postings of the "media jihad" call.

That particular story - al Qaeda's "Working Paper for a Media Invasion of America" - first broke right here in downtown Mudville, so it's entirely possible we brought it to their attention in the first place - though it's also possible CNN had it earlier, and didn't see fit to report it. Whatever the case - it's stunning to see them acknowledge it and go right on ahead with what they are doing.

For those who want to read for themselves, here’s GH’s online bibliography:


al Qaeda's "Working Paper for a Media Invasion of America"

Al Qaeda "A-list" Journalist Responds

Other links found above:

CNN - Plays Into the Hands of the Enemy (Knowingly) - Blackfive

Tet's Real Lesson - James Taranto, Opinion Journal's Best of the Web Today


Glenn Reynolds

CNN Airs Islamic Death Porn - Charles Johnson, LGF

CNN airs video of jihadi sniper shooting American soldier - Allah, Hot Air, who also screen captured that CNN page before it disappeared. (But the video actually contains sniper attacks on 10 American soldiers.)

Now that Greyhawk has so tightly grabbed hold, he needs to keep hold of it, and not let go. We need to come alongside and grab hold, too, and not let go.

Once the participants in this propaganda effort can openly acknowledge how they're manipulated, and there's no (serious) consequence, then any possibility of shaming or shocking the American people to awareness is gone.

“Awake to righteousness,” one of the Old Testament prophets told the children of Israel.

We can let those who have fought this long hard fight, who will continue to fight this long hard fight, to stand in the breech alone. Already, friends faint, supporters grow weary. The banners sag, and the wind is harsh and punishes, as in groups and in isolation, the many become the few.

It was not a mistake to arise to this fight, it will not be any kind of mistake to keep the fight going. No human effort takes place without error or fault, no worthwhile goal turns worthless because of failures in pursuit.

Our enemies know their enemies, and they know us well. We must make their manner known. We must acknowledge our weaknesses and unintended complicities, not just in those among us who desire that we fail, but in ourselves: the many ways our spirit lags, or our commitment shrinks.

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