Saturday, November 04, 2006



There's a new post up over at the long neglected Gladmanly.

Here's an excerpt:
My friend Kevin is a gifted musician and composer of inspirational, praise and worship music. He knows of my background in Theater, and my recent writings, online and off.

We often discuss the creative arts, and the ways in which we sense God working through the gifts He has provided us, and the challenge of living up to His trust.

Kevin shared some of his sometime struggle with distractions. He has a virtual recording studio in his home, and describes that sometimes fiddling with his equipment or some other technological components consumes more of his “creative time” than he would like. He gets into some equipment or setting things up, then before he knows it, his creative time is over, and nothing’s been created.

I can relate. I suppose any of us who web log (blog) with any regularity or passion deal with the age old problem of creation versus experience. How’s that?
To read more, check out the whole thing at Gladmanly.

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