Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Kerry Update

Don’t expect an apology, ever. Expect Kerry and all his crestfallen former friends to cry out, “See how the dirty tricks Republicans stole another one from us,” if the Dems don’t get what they’ve been counting on, control of at least one house of Congress.

I’m with Jonah at The Corner:

If you take Kerry's two statements — the written and unwritten — in their entirety, I really don't think he can apologize at this point. I really do think he could have defused this whole thing, maybe not entirely, by simply saying "I botched the joke and I'm really sorry it sounded like I was diminishing the talent and work of our troops, something I would never do. I take a back seat to no one in my respect for blah blah blah..." But now he's questioned the sanity, the integrity and the manliness of anybody who could have possibly taken him the wrong way. That means, in effect, that he's calling all these servicemen who understandably took offense at the plain meaning of his words, wusses and nutters. That makes Kerry a tool of the first order. And, if he apologizes now, with some Gilda Radneresque "never mind," it will once again reinforce his metaphysical toolishness. The guy thinks he can be president and he thinks he's doing what the "fighting Dem" base wants him to do. The problem is he has basically radiated himself with the isotope Asinine-90 and the only way the rest of his party can protect itself from radiation poisoning is to sequester the guy in some lime-pit for 10,000 years until his asininity half-life deteriorates to manageable levels.

That sounds about right for final take-aways.

Kerry is a tool of the first order, he’s been dosed with Asinine-90, and the half-life on the political fall-out should be about 10,000 years.

Hope Teresa wasn’t among those measuring for drapes.

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