Thursday, November 16, 2006


Mommy State Logic

Time for yet more Mommy State logic from Democrats.

I want to elaborate on an earlier post in which I mention illegal immigration, and tie the issue more closely to the minimum wage.

Democrats remain bereft of any real ideas for Iraq -- their "ideas" and plans day by day diverge between two simple positions, redeploy (run) or do pretty much what the US military has been doing. Likewise, corruption and pork barrel spending wasn't invented by Republicans, however good some of them are at both, and Democrats will surely rue the day they made that one of their centerpieces: Murtha and Jefferson and Reid will just be the start.

That's why we're seeing so much about the minimum wage, Democrats everywhere are falling all over themselves to show "government in action." Unfortunately, it's Mommy State government. By inaction and inattention on illegal immigration, the Mommy Staters circumvent healthy free market forces.

Why won't employers pay more for semi-skilled or unskilled workers? They don't have to, because of the huge underground economy created by the availability and employability of millions of illegal immigrants. Eliminate the underground economy, by enforcement, border control, punishment of employers, deportations -- perhaps with some limited amnesty for longtime residents -- and employers who regular hire illegals will be forced to pay more to attract those who otherwise would not take those jobs for the low wage previously paid.

Like welfare reform, get government out of the way, leave people without a government fix, artificially creating adverse incentives, and market forces will correct the problem, probably even more quickly then welfare reform in the 90's.

Mommy State solutions work against initiative, free markets, healthy economic development, personal and civic responsibility. They don't mean to, but that's what they do, by unintended consequences.

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