Friday, March 02, 2007


Good News

That Jules Crittenden, he knows good news when he sees it, and he’s seen plenty. I know he’s set up the strawman as “Good News Bad News,” but I didn’t see much there that wasn’t all to the good.

In any generation prior to Vietnam, major media would be screaming headlines about all our successes and the trends towards victory. Thank God for those former practitioners of “Old Media” who want to try to make the most out of new media, and are willing to toss Journalism TheologyTM out in the dumpster, along with typeset iron and other relics of the past.

Just a taste to chase you over to Jules’ place:

When is bad news good news? When it is your enemy’s. 

Reuters loads us up on the Good News out of Iraq:  too many al-Qaeda dead to count in a village in Anbar, where Iraqi security forces just kept killing them all day. US and Iraqi forces raiding into Sadr City, just messing around right now, a death squad leader here, a death squad leader there, gearing up for the big push.  And the Iraqi Foreign Minister says 1,000 former Iraqi Army officers are coming back, a “sign of reconciliation.”

It’s gotta be good news when it gets so quiet in Baghdad they are forced to admit it and make news out of it.

He’s got that right, when even anti-war Media can’t find anything but success in the air, we’ve turned a corner.

Not that that’s halted the Democrats’ desperate efforts to build some policy contraption to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Just in the past 72 hours, I think they’ve jerry-rigged up some half dozen Rube Goldberg gadgets (thanks Ralph, for the reminder), only to sweep the broken pieces to the floor. Usually amidst a chorus of jeers and catcalls, even from within their own ranks of Congress and the Media.

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