Friday, March 16, 2007


Some Guy at the CIA

The Corner, predictably, live-blogs Valerie Plame testifying before Congress

This from John Podhoretz:

This is what Valerie Plame Wilson just said about her husband's trip: "I did not recommend him, I did not suggest him, I did not have the authority." An officer serving under her was upset to have received an inquiry from the vice president's office about yellowcake from Niger and evidently, while she was comforting that junior officer, some guy walked by her office and suggested her husband should go to Niger to check it out.

She said she was ambivalent about the idea because she didn't want to have to put her 2 year-old twins to bed by herself at night. Still, she and the guy who had just happened to walk by then went to her supervisor.

Supervisor: Well, when you go home this evening, would you ask your husband to come in.

Then her supervisor asked her to write an e-mail about the idea. She did so. That e-mail, she said, was the basis for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence claim that she had been responsible for sending her husband to Niger for the CIA.

In other words, she didn't recommend him or suggest him. Rather, it was a guy who walked by. 

Some other guy, who knew my husband was ideally suited to play “super-sleuth” for a CIA junket, he was the one who made the suggestion. Which Plame, apparently in total apathy and ambivalence, only entirely facilitated from original conception, through gestation, on to full term delivery with Wilson taking the trip.

More silliness noted here, here, and here.

This last, noting that the actual leaker of Plame’s identity and status, goes unmentioned in the zeal of Senate inquisitors getting to the bottom of how the Evil President and Vice President betrayed loyal Plame and gravely threatened National Security.

Dear Lord, would that Senate Democrats could invest even a small fraction of such zeal for investigating and fighting real threats to National Security.

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