Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Call to Action

The organization Vets for Freedom has issued the following call to action:

The next ten weeks will be absolutely crucial in determining the fate of the Iraq War. Over the summer, Democrats (and some Republicans) on Capitol Hill, pressured by radical anti-war activists, plan to introduce legislation to undermine the mission in Iraq, just as General Petraeus, and his counter-insurgency strategy, are showing real signs of progress.
Despite the great courage and success of our troops in Iraq, many Senate Republicans are wavering in their support for the mission. And in the past two weeks alone, 3 Republican senators have raised the white flag on Iraq. If just a few more defect, the Senate could over-ride a presidential veto and set a deadline for defeat.
Amongst this political noise, in ten weeks General Petraeus will testify before Congress about the situation in Iraq. Vets for Freedom plans to lead the charge to support General Petraeus and stop anti-war radicals and politicians on Capitol Hill from undermining the troops-and their mission-for the sake of short-term political gain.
If you believe America must defeat radical Islamists in Iraq, we need you to get involved with Vets for Freedom's "Ten Weeks to Testimony." For the next ten weeks, you will receive an email every Monday morning, outlining how you can make a difference during that week. This is a call to duty! The time for action is now!
And if you're not sure if you should get involved, check out what radical anti-war groups are planning. They go so far as to "express solidarity with the resistance movements in [Iraq and Afghanistan]." This is an outrage, and we mustn't let groups like this-and their loud voices-intimidate Congress. There is too much as stake!

This week, VFF calls on us to, well, make some calls:

Week #1: Call 10 Senators
is a list of 9 Republican Senators who-this week-could end up wavering on their support for the mission in Iraq. Over the course of the week, call all 9 senators-and call at least one senator from your home-state. These senators need to hear from Iraq & Afghanistan veterans, and those who support them, about the need to complete the mission in Iraq and defeat Al Qaeda & Co. When you call, the following 3 points should be emphasized:
1. General Petraeus deserves enough time to implement a winning counter-insurgency strategy in Iraq.

2. Retreat means a failed state in Iraq and a safe haven for Al Qaeda to plan future attacks against America and her allies.

3. Decisions about Iraq should be made by military commanders and generals on the ground-not politicians in Washington, DC.

Here is the list of Republican senators to call:


Lamar Alexander
Sam Brownback
Saxby Chambliss
Norm Coleman
Susan Collins
Michael Enzi
Jeff Sessions
Ted Stevens
John Sununu

(New Hampshire)

(202) 224-4944
(202) 224-6521
(202) 224-3521
(202) 224-5641
(202) 224-2523
(202) 224-3424
(202) 224-4124
(202) 224-3004
(202) 224-2841

10) Your Senator [Follow this link for a directory of all U.S. Senators]

* When you're done with the calls, just shoot a quick email to info@vetsforfreedom.org and let us know. We will compile the volume of calls and make sure our presence is heard. If you had any particularly interesting exchanges, we'd love to hear about it.
* Remember: 10 calls will take less than 30 minutes. Please do your duty for the country today!

Additional Vets for Freedom Information

1) Visit www.VetsforFreedom.org and check out the new website format. We have added the "Freedom Update" to the homepage, which lists daily the Top 5 articles (news and opinion) about the Iraq war. I hope you'll consider making this site your first stop every morning, as we make it our mission to keep you informed.
2) If you are a veteran of Iraq or Afghanistan, and would like to get more involved, there will be a number of opportunities to do so in the next few weeks. If we can count you in NOW as a regular participant, send an email to veteran@vetsforfreedom.org; and if you're not an Iraq or Afghanistan war vet, but would still like to volunteer, send an email to volunteer@vetsforfreedom.org.
3) Spread the word! Tell your friends and family about Vets for Freedom and tell them to sign up at www.vetsforfreedom.org/volunteer.

Call Tips
you call the senators, a few important things to remember:

&shy                   Always be courteous. The person answering the phone is likely a young staffer.

&shy                   If you are calling a Senator who represents your home state, say "I am from [City, State] and am a member of Vets for Freedom. I recently returned from Iraq [or insert relevant experience] and I respectfully request to speak with Senator [name]." When they ask to take a message, say "I'm calling to ask Senator [name] not to support a deadline for withdrawal from Iraq. Because [cite three reasons above]... Please pass along this message to the Senator."

&shy                   If you are calling a Senator who is not from your state, say "I am a veteran of the Iraq War [or insert relevant experience] who served with [insert unit] in [insert location] from [insert dates]. I am a member of Vets for Freedom and I'm calling to ask Senator [name] not to support a deadline for withdrawal from Iraq. Because [cite three reasons above]... Please pass along this message to the Senator."

&shy                   In the future, we will be asking Vets for Freedom veterans to request personal meeting with Senators and Representative both in their home districts and on Capitol Hill, so make sure you get the relevant contact information from the person you're speaking with so you can follow up.

I get discouraged and sometime lose hope that true leaders among us can hold back the not so loyal Opposition. I can get pretty lazy, too, thinking that service in OIF III and three years of MILBLOGGING somehow was all I would ever have to do, to do my part.

But I think I have some calls to make this week. I can almost hear Papa Ray now: “Continue the mission.”

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