Thursday, August 30, 2007


Media Malpractice

Karl of Protein Wisdom has compiled a staggering indictment of media malpractice in reporting on our efforts in Iraq. Karl’s post, wide ranging and voluminously documented with links, covers everything from negative bias, media removal from the source of news, use of terrorist propagandists as stringers, hypocrisy over Vietnam analogies, data distortions, and outright fabrication.


Better documented and authoritative than 4 year’s worth of mainstream media reporting. (That’s the point of the criticism, now isn’t it?)


Karl posted his excellent catalog of media malfeasance in response to charges that war supporters targeted TNR fabulist Beauchamp as a “weak link”:


In the midst of the still-lingering controversy over the truthiness of The New Republic’s “Baghdad Diarist,” more than a few people suggested that war supporters, unable to discredit the real bad news coming from Iraq, targeted the Scott Thomas Beauchamp stories as a weak link.  I cannot speak for everyone who supports the mission in Iraq, but I would submit that Beauchamp’s apparent fables and embellishments are not a “weak link” to be attacked, but simply an egregious example of the establishment media’s flawed coverage of the conflict.   Accordingly, what follows is an over view of the establishment media coverage of the conflict in Iraq.


Ironic, I’d say media opponents of our efforts in Iraq achieve high art in finding the weakest possible link in any story about Iraq. Thanks to Subsunk at Blackfive bringing Karl’s indictment to light.



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