Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Media Appearance

The local Fox affiliate asked me to come on this morning to answer questions about Congressional testimony this week by General David Petraeus. Video here.

The manner in which they contacted me confirms that I really am the only guy in their rolodex listed under “pro-war.” The producer I normally deal with is on vacation this week, and her stand-in found my name in her files.

No matter, good on them for seeking some military commentary from someone with some background and experience. I hardly think I’m a “military expert,” but I see many with national exposure with less, and I am very well informed on Iraq. I think it speaks volumes about the state of politics and military affairs in New York, that local media have such a difficult time finding viewpoints which contrast with the views of, say, our Congressional delegation. Would that NY had some diversity in representation, but that’s another set of problems altogether.

This time on-air I got to squeeze in mention of Veterans for Freedom, which anchor Mark Baker specifically asked me about.

They also asked me to stick around a tape an interview with one of their reporters that they want to package up and use in coverage tomorrow. They anticipate using the segment as local tie-in, in conjunction with coverage of President Bush’s press briefing and his expected announcement of surge troop withdrawals.

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