Friday, September 14, 2007


Upcoming Media

I have am told that an Op Ed I wrote this week will be published in Monday’s New York Daily News. I believe it will appear in the dead tree addition. My small contribution in the struggle against disinformation, discouragement, and defeat.

For more on what you can do, check out Vets for Freedom.

And thanks for the contact are due to Matt from Blackfive, who must have been too busy getting prepared for a certain special event this week…

As reported by John Donovan:

Today, the Armorer and a group of milbloggers participated in a tiny bit of history.

We got to meet the President of the United States. And talk with him for an hour.

With two of us linking in courtesy of the 3rd Infantry Division in Baghdad, we sat down a little before 10AM in the Roosevelt Room of the White House and literally had a chat with the President.

President Bush observed, that as far as he knows, this was the first time that a sitting President had hosted a group of bloggers for a chat at the White House. If that's in fact true - then we got to make a little history today. If it's not true, I'm sure the Peasants with Pitchforks will quickly disabuse us of the notion!

Present from the White House were:

President Bush
General Lute
Kevin Sullivan
Mark Pfeifler
Dana Perino
Tony Snow.

The milbloggers present were:

The Armorer of Argghhh!
Matt Burden of Blackfive
Mrs. Greyhawk of Mudville Gazette, standing in for the deployed Greyhawk
NZ Bear of the TTLB and the Victory Caucus
Steve Schippert of Threats Watch
Ward Carroll of Military.Com
A Soldier's Perspective
Mohammed of Iraq the Model

Linking in from Iraq were:

Bill Roggio of the Long War Journal
Bill Ardolino of INDC Journal.

Terrific work, gentlemen and Mrs. G! (That sounds like it ought to be a band or something.)

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