Friday, October 05, 2007


Thoughts on China

I read the Investor’s Business Daily editorial on the Clintons that begins:

Politics And Money: Remember the rolling disclosures of the last presidency, when the Clintons would release just enough information after a scandal broke to placate the pliant media? Well, here they go again.

Only this time, they are telegraphing that they will keep certain things altogether secret should they return to the White House as co-presidents. And you thought they couldn't be more brazen.

And the following occurs to me.

China has spent enormous effort and gobs of money to achieve the following:

- Trade superiority over the US via state and slave-labor supported industries;

- Covert and de facto immunity from any investigation or punishment for theft of national security, weapons, and industrial technologies;

- Undue political influence over the Majority Party in the US;

- Undue political influence over a former President; and

- Undue political influence over a future President.


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