Friday, November 16, 2007


UN Roles

Glenn Reynolds links to a post by Fred Thompson, deriding the idea of the UN taking over management of the Internet, and excerpts:

My hunch is that we’d see the same level of management of the Internet from the U.N. that we’ve seen when it came to peacekeeping operations in Africa. Or its management of Saddam Hussein’s “Oil for Food” program. Or its monitoring of Iran’s nuclear program.

But it gets even better, as Fred nails the UN even tighter:

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if when you look up “fool’s errand” in the dictionary, you find: “Role for United Nations’” as the definition.

The notion of surrendering management of the Internet – a global, strategic infrastructure for communications and commerce – to the UN is just a plain dumb idea. We shouldn’t be handing over something that works right to an institution that has difficulty doing anything right.

If you want to sexual exploitation of enslaved women and children, racketeering both pedestrian and monstrous, or personal enrichment of Internationalist bureaucrats and their families, by all means, call the UN.

If you want technical excellence and efficiency, better stick with high tech private industry, especially that still residing in large part in the US of A.

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