Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Brass Tacks

We need to get down to them, fast. Come Tuesday, we vote here in New York.

Senator John McCain won the Florida Republican primary and picks up 57 delegates for the convention.

My preferred GOP candidate, Fred Thompson, bowed out.

I am an Iraqi War Veteran, and while I admire John McCain for his outstanding and heroic service, I cannot support him for the nomination. His stance on illegal immigration is abhorant; his willingness to abandon his party in critical fights; his long standing gravitation towards media attention; his simmering animosity towards President Bush; his desire to value bi-partisanship seemingly over values, often in the face of obvious partisan motives of his erstwhile "partners," like Ted Kennedy. Plus, McCain is 71 years old. He might contest well against Clinton, but against Obama, I'm afraid he gets pummeled. I think we'll see Dole '96 all over again.

Which is another reason for unease about McCain. Why is it I think McCain thinks George Bush stole his spot in history in 2000? That 9/11 was supposed to happen on his watch, his moment to be the hero?

I greatly admire former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who now looks to be dropping out to endorse John McCain. His leadership in NY post 9/11 reflected great strength and determination. But his personal values have been a mess, and his liberal social positions suggest (as they do with McCain) very little daylight between these lukewarm Republicans and the Democrats that seek to defeat them. It's always important to consider who the media likes most. Formerly Giuliani, now McCain. That's one big warning sign.

I'm an Evangelical Christian, yet I cannot stomach Huckabee, let alone support him for the nomination. I find him disingenuous at best, dissembling, with a suspicious resemblance to other recent Arkansas politicos.

I have been favorably impressed by Mitt Romney. Until tonight, I wasn't prepared to commit to support him. After tonight, I think he is the only GOP candidate with a chance to beat Obama or Clinton, the Executive ability, and the steadfastness on key conservative issues.

Any alternative at this point is frightening.

Romney for President. There's too much at stake.


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