Monday, January 14, 2008


Calling All Angels

Blackfive passes on an urgent request from Patti Patton-Bader of Soldiers' Angels: they need more Angels.

Patti Patton-Bader, Founder of Soldiers' Angels, just let me know that there are a lot more soldiers requesting angels than there are angels.  So, we need more angels.  If you ever thought about adopting a solider or a whole platoon of soldiers, now is the time to step forward and do what you can for our troops.

WE HAVE MANY MORE HEROES BEING SUBMITTED THAN ANGELS JOINING, and that is with 50 to 100 angels joining a DAY.  We really did good at Christmas. Heroes Love to be adopted. We have whole units joining with quotes like this from a Chaplain:

Your organization is highly coveted and recommended by all. Is it possible if we can be added to the Soldier's Angels program. We've got a lot of young soldiers who are experiencing difficult times for their first deployment, and external support from our nation's greatest supporters would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

It is wonderful we are able to help with morale. Will you adopt another hero, or will you please contact your local churches, schools, hospitals, Scouts. Many of our sons and daughters are in harms way and could use some support from home.

Tell ALL you can, to go to and click to adopt a soldier.

Thank you!

I have to guess that any readers here know all about Soldiers’ Angels, and likely visit Blackfive more often than they do here… But in case anybody hasn’t heard the call, it’s time for more Angels to step up. Do what you can to help.


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