Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Times Plays Politics

Eliot Spitzer gets exposed as a frequent purveyor of prostitution, and the Editors of the NY Times strive mightily to use the scandal to somehow blacken NY Republicans. You’d think they played to one side of partisan politics (perish the thought):
A further tragedy here, beyond the personal one of the Spitzer family and the damage he has done to the reform cause, is that Mr. Spitzer’s targets are now relishing their tormentor’s torment. Those on Wall Street who fumed at having to make their world fairer for ordinary shareholders can now chortle with satisfaction in their private enclaves. For New York Republicans, who have blocked some of the most important reforms in Albany, it is hard to imagine the private glee — especially at a moment when they are fighting desperately to hold their majority in the State Senate.
The Times lumps together as Targets State Republicans, who demonstrably have a constituency who vote for and support them, with the former Attorney General’s scapegoats on Wall Street. Corporate tycoons chortle, and NY Republicans flush with private glee. The NY Times should try publishing their Editorials in comic book form.

That’s a stunning rhetorical transition, and nakedly partisan, even for the increasingly yellow-stained Times. However much NY State Government needs reform – as any citizen more conscious than comatose surely knows – how exactly has Spitzer stood or represented any kind of reform in contrast to the State GOP?

By knowingly allowing a corrupt official stand for re-election as State Comptroller? By misusing the State Police to spy on and track the movements of his political opponents? By attempting dirty tricks of the worst kind, trying to press Federal officials to direct tax audits against these same opponents? By attempting to create a Democratic Party vote generator by giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, making all of New York a Sanctuary State?

One can only imagine how much more venality this particular Governor could accomplish given nearly three more years in office.

The Times is absolutely correct that the Governor betrayed the public and the public trust, as the highest elected official in the State. He cannot and will not stand above the law. Certainly the many enemies he’s made in and out of public service will be bound and determined to make sure he pays every penny due in recompense, and then some.

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