Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Get Some Cheese

One of the great things about encouraging young soldiers to try out blogging, is when they take the plunge.

I'm been eager to read first hand reports from Afghanistan from one such soldier, blogging at Cheese's MILBLOG.

He got a scare this week while home on leave, thinking the soldiers lost in Afghanistan might have been from his own unit. That's a tragic coincidence no soldier ever wants to experience.

Cheese might have been relieved to find out the losses were from another unit elsewhere, but he offered this somber reflection:

While this may upset people who I know personally, it is of no consolation that it was strangers that died rather than my friends. I've been around the military too long to find comfort in my distance from a tragedy like this. My heart goes out to that unit, and the families of the fallen. If nothing else, this has reaffirmed my enthusiasm (for lack of a better word) to return to Afghanistan and put a very real dent in the enemies ability to do this again. While this will not make up for the loss of over 500 American soldiers on Afghan soil, it is all I can do and it's what I owe to those soldiers.
Keep on eye on this young man, and check in on him when he returns to the Stan. I'm thinking he'll have some important things to say.

I often stop myself midsentence when I explain to people that, thank God, we didn't lose any of our 642 soldiers in Iraq. Because the first thing you think of are the stories about soldiers in adjacent units that sacrificed all. Good news for us could mean tragedy for others.

Cheese, you go clean yourself up some scum on your return. Mrs. Dadmanly and I will pray for you and your men.

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