Thursday, November 02, 2006


Alternatives to PR

Perhaps you’ve seen the leaked classified slide, plastered Page 1 as part of the New York Times treasonous propaganda effort in support of Democratic candidates. I have to admire the efficiency of the Times declassification process: just clip the classification markings off the top and bottom of the slide, and voila! It takes the POTUS more time, and he has the authority.

More confirmation of the ongoing success of a pair of Public Relations (PR) Campaigns, as I reported earlier. (Not coordinated of course, they don’t need to be, they merely seek the same objectives.)

Not that the slide really says this, taken out of context without any explanation or supporting text, but it’s enough for the uninformed or those with bad intentions (yup, that would be the folks at the Times) to describe as the DoD saying Iraq is virtually in Civil War!

Luckily, we can find alternatives to the PR version of progress in Iraq. Gateway Pundit helpfully reports some unclassified news that the New York Times doesn’t see fit to print.

Here's Gateway's (unclassified) graphic.

And now, the informed context (likewise missing from the Times, also courtesy of Gateway Pundit:

This terrific news came out in this past week on the security developments in Iraq but failed to garner any attention from the mainstream media.
The Multi-National Forces reported:

Iraqi security forces continue to develop into a capable force and continue to take the lead. On Tuesday in Ramadi, the 3rd Battalion of the 1st Brigade of the 7th Iraqi Army Division assumed responsibility in its area of operations.

This now makes 90 Iraq army battalions in the lead. In total today, there are six of 10 Iraqi army divisions in the lead, 30 of 36 Iraqi brigades, and 90 of 112 Iraqi battalions in the lead. And we operate in support of them. All across Iraq, we continue to see an increasingly capable Iraqi security force continuing to take the lead.

What would we do without alternatives to the Nation’s leading print media? I fear, the same as what these same media PR operations are working studiously to give us, whether we want it or not.

(Via Instapundit)

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