Monday, August 29, 2005


Song's An Oldie Follow-up

Kirk at Recovery Vehicle was kind enough to post a very gracious (and to use his words, thoughtful) reply to my post. I had reacted to his response to the excellent post at The Makaha Surf Report, and promptly fisked his post. I had made mention of Caelestis's fine post just a short while earlier.

Kirk demonstrates qualities noticeably absent from the vast majority of discussion (both lefrt and right, pro-war and anti-war). He is able to acknowledge other points of view without rancor, he accepts disagreement as inevitable and not the result of ignorance, and he maintains a polite and civil discourse despite disagreement.

As such, I want to thank him for the time, thought, and effort that has prompted him to both seek other points of view and engage in debate.

My long time readers know that I appreciate civil debate, and have tried to promote this very ideal at Debate Space, the now dormant debate blog I have shared with the Liberal Avenger.

Kirk, if you wish to stop by and post a question, I'd like to invite you to a continued discussion, on this or any other topic you'd like to suggest.

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