Wednesday, May 10, 2006


More Good News from Iraq

Gateway Pundit and Mudville Gazette both post a translation by Haider Ajina of press reports from Iraq, with today’s big news of  a meeting of over 200 Iraqi tribal leaders to publicly renounce and condemn sectarian violence and terrorism.

A portion of his report, from Mudville:

“Over 200 Iraqi tribal leaders will meet in Baghdad on Wednesday may 10th to sign an honor compact to denounce and reject terrorism and sectarian violence.

“Tribal leaders announced they will meet in Khademiah Baghdad on Wednesday May 10th at a conference. This conference will result in an honor compact obliging Iraqi tribes to cooperate amongst each other and the authorities to protect their members from terrorist attacks, and to help with national unity and condemning sectarian violence.

The ‘Foundation for Humanitarian Dialogue’ sponsored and organized the conference. Husien Ismail Alsadar who uses Khademiah as his center of activities and enjoys the backing and blessing of Al Sistani is the foundation’s president. Some Sheiks and tribal leaders said they hope that a committee can be formed to represent Iraqi tribes in the “National accord conference” on June 10th along with the honor compact signed by tribal leaders.

A foundation speaker said that the conference will be attended by heads of Tribes from all of Iraq, Arab Kurd and Turkmen tribes. The speaker added that the conference will also discuss political, security, and social issues in the country. We hope to come up with ideas and plans to cooperate in stopping terrorist activities affecting the citizens. He pointed out that the honor compact to fight terrorism and denounce sectarian violence would be the main results of this conference.

An ABC News Report includes more details of the meeting, with some interesting quotes from a senior Shia cleric:

Ayatollah Hussein Ismail al-Sadr, Baghdad's most senior Shiite cleric, called for an end to bloodshed.

"Iraq is undergoing its most critical stage ever. Our blood is being shed every minute and our ordeals are increasing every day. The safety of Iraq should be above all other goals," he said.

Al-Sadr urged his countrymen to "respect the opinions and beliefs of each other because it is the only way to preserve our country."

He said U.N. and Arab League envoys had been invited to attend the meeting and he was disappointed they had not.

"Their absence has a negative effect," he said.

No big surprise that the UN and Arab League want none of this. Goes against both their (real) charters.

Hiader assesses the significance of the meeting:

This news adds to the mounting evidence that Iraqis are united, they are united in their quest for defeating terrorists who hope to destroy the fledgling democracy, they are united in fighting sectarianism (which was encouraged and fostered by the Baathists) and united in wanting their democracy to succeed and thrive. No evidence of civil war, no evidence of splitting up the country and no evidence in giving in to the terrorist. This is a very important conference of all the leading tribes in Iraq. Arab, Kurd, Turkmen, Muslim, Christian, Shiite & Sunni all getting together with a common goal. Defeating terrorism, affirm national unity and condemning sectarianism. All working together and promising to help and protect each other. This is the greatest defeat to Zarqawi and his group as well as the remaining Baathists.

More in a steady stream of good news coming out of Iraq. Iraqis think we can win, and are winning. Al Qaeda thinks we can win, and are winning. US Military thinks we can win, and are winning.

Now if we can only convince the Opposition Party and their patrons in the mainstream media (MSM), we’re on our way to winning the Information Operations (IO) War. To see how likely this will be, look for widespread MSM reporting of this historic meeting.

(Chirp, chirp)

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