Thursday, December 06, 2007


Must Read on Iran

The Long War Journal presents an absolutely must-read on current covert Iranian military operations against Iraq, whose operations Roggio calls the Ramazan Corps. Yes, such things exist, according to the US military, as reported by Roggio:

Multinational Forces Iraq learned that Iran set up the Ramazan Corps as a sophisticated command structure to coordinate military, intelligence, terrorist, diplomatic, religious, ideological, propaganda, and economic operations.

You’ve got to go there now and check out the Flash presentation, as well as read Roggio’s full report. Call it an Iran Battle Update Brief (BUB) for Dummies (like me).

Eye opening. Seriously resets the context of recent reporting about the highly politicized and controversial NIE on Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

War by any and all means at their disposal, seems to me.

(Via Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive)

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