Monday, July 16, 2007


Media Call to Action

By now, readers of MILBLOGS should know about Vets for Freedom and their Call to Action for veterans of OEF and OIF, and other supporters of the US military.

Vets for Freedom has organized a rally to press against the Surge against the Surge. OIF and OEF Vets are strongly urged to join Vets for Freedom in Congressional visits and media appearances on Capital Hill on Tuesday, July 17th.

I’ve blogged previously about VFF and their Call to Action here, here, and here.

Not being able to make the trip due to work requirements, I contacted my local Fox affiliate, and proposed the following current events as the subject for an interview:
1. Congressional attempts to halt the surge and schedule a date certain for withdrawal;
2. Counter-insurgency operations ongoing in Baghdad and the belts around Baghdad, and the many significant successes resulting from those operations; and
3. The Vets for Freedom call for OIF and OEF Veterans to urge Congress to hold firm, support the “surge,” and allow GEN Petraeus and his military commanders time and room for success.

They said, come on in. I should sit for the live interview sometime shortly after 7:00 am, Tuesday, July 17th, on the Fox 23 News Daybreak Program.

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